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Science and technology materials Limited by Share Ltd
Environmental protection packaging manufacturing enterprise
Certain materials science and technology Limited by Share Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise R & D, production and processing of aluminum degradable packaging materials for the basic business model, focus on the field of environmental protection packaging materials. Founded in 2005, is located in Shandong high tech Zone, Yantai Road, No. 45.
In order to have more beautiful Earth changes, through years of accumulation of technology, equipment and investment, and actively develop innovative, has become one of the large-scale manufacturing enterprises domestic direct vacuum aluminum plated paper series of environmentally friendly packaging materials.
Direct vacuum aluminium plating paper is a substitute for traditional aluminum foil or film products of green packaging materials, can be widely used in tobacco, beer, food, medicine, daily chemical and other brand products promotional packaging, the company aims to produce more and more delicate luster of saving resources and fully degradable environmental materials to replace plastic packaging, provide more business value for customers.
XX technology has a number of industry core patents, production equipment, technology and product detection is the industry leader, which has the electron beam curing technology is the most advanced in the world, can achieve high-speed automatic production of direct aluminum vacuum environmental protection material, while the company also has advanced printing equipment, according to customer demand, sales from environmental protection packaging materials, packaging facilities design and printing services, providing custom tailored services for customers.
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